Company History

In 1945 William J. Deeks, an English immigrant and former Reichhold Chemicals sales representative, joined forces with Kent Sprinkle to form Deeks & Sprinkle, a Cincinnati-based sales agency.  The company opened an Atlanta office in 1946, and was renamed as Deeks & Company after the passing of Mr. Sprinkle in 1950.  After opening a third location in High Point, NC, it became apparent the southeast would be the home of Deeks & Company, so Deeks sold the rights to the Ohio location and moved the company headquarters to Atlanta, GA.

After the death of William Deeks in 1980, his son Donald Deeks continued the tradition of growth within the organization. Don’s Daughter, Donna Boldt, took over as President in 1992 and has continued the success her grandfather started. Additional sales offices were established in Nashville, and Tampa, to complement the existing office in High Point and the corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

February 19, 2018 – Peninsula Polymers, the North American leader in specialty chemical distribution purchased the assets of Deeks and Company Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Deeks has warehouse locations across the southeast and has been operating since 1945.

“We believe growing and investing in our business is essential to success in the current economic environment,” said Ken Moran, President. “This is our third acquisition in the last four years, and we believe we found the perfect partner in Deeks to further augment our business objectives.”

Deeks is a fourth-generation family owned company with a strong commitment to customer service. “Given our shared core values and principles, combining efforts with Peninsula is the next natural progression for us. We are excited about the opportunity and advancement this brings to our employees and to our valued customer base,” said Donna Boldt, President, Deeks.

About Peninsula Polymers

Peninsula Polymers is a distributor of specialty coatings raw materials and has been serving customers in North America for over 20 years.  With eight distribution centers located across the United States, Peninsula Polymers partners with the most technologically advanced suppliers to deliver a full complement of products and technical expertise to diverse industries.

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Management Team

Adrienne Turner
Sales Director

Patricia Dotson
Corporate Finance Manager

Chris Deeks
Director of Warehouse Manager


Customer Service


Sarah Montilla
Customer Relations Manager

High Point

Janet Griffin
Customer Relations Manager


Kathy Kirk 
Client Relations Manager

Tampa & Houston

Sarah Montilla
Customer Relations Manager