The world's largest producer of titanium dioxide.

Products Offered:

  • Titanium Dioxide (rutile)


 Cardinal Color
Manufactures high quality pigment dispersions

Products Offered:

  • Alkyd, High  Concentration Solvent,
  • Aqueous,  Water Borne Fluorescent
  • Zero VOC, High Strength-Low VOC
  • Hydroxy Functional unsaturated polyester
  • Unmodified Bis A epoxy dispersion


Spectra Colors Corp.
A respected manufacturer of high quality dyes.

Products Offered:

  • Liquid Dyes
  • Spectra Rinse dyes, washable dyes


Alabama Pigments Company
A processor of natural iron oxides and an importer of synthetic iron oxides.

  • Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides


Part of the Horsehead Corporation, is the largest producer of high quality French Process zinc oxide in North America.

  • Zinc Oxide


Extender Pigments

CR Minerals Company
A leading producer of health-safe pumice. The various grades contain less than 0.1% respirable crystalline silica. Products are available in both fine milled and granular sizes.

  • SafSil® Amorphous silica
  • Navajo Brand® Pumice


Imi Fabi
An international processor of magnesium silicate (talc).

Products Offered:

  • Treated and untreaded grades of high brightness, fine particle size talcs
  • Talc (Ultrafine-Coatings & Plastics)


Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC
Manufactures a full line of minerals, clays, and chemicals.

Products Offered:

  • Talc
  • Pyrophyllite
  • Wollastonite (Treated and Untreated)
  • Air-floated Clay