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Our Products

We proudly offer high-quality raw materials from some of the finest production companies in business today.  We've built strong relationships with these companies over many decades, giving us access to very competitive prices and top-notch customer service to match.

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STI Polymer 
Believes customers should be in the driver seat. With fast turn arounds, creative formulas, and R&D support you get where you need to go. 

Products Offered:

  • Acrylic Emulsion

  • Acrylic Co-Polymer Emulsion

  • Styrene Acrylic Emulsion

  • High Solids, All Acrylic Emulsion


SNP, Inc.
For over 30 years has specialized in the creation and processing of synthetic and natural-based water-soluble polymers. Our polymer technology is driven by customer needs and springs from years of accumulated research.

Products Offered:

  • Polyurethane Dispersions

  • Liquid Polyvinyl Alcohol

  • Polyester Emulsion-Barrier Coating

  • Ethylene-Acrylic Acid Copolymer Dispersions

  • Sodium Alginate Thickeners

  • Synthetic Rheology Modifiers


Soy Technologies Develops environmentally responsible chemistry … safe for the user, safe for the air, and safe for the environment.

Products Offered:

  • Solvents for Paints, Stains, and Sealers

  • Functional Additives for Paint & Coatings

  • Emulsions for Waterborne Paints, Stains & Sealers

  • Lacquer Thinners & Retarders


Incozol® additives bring exceptional levels of performance to polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Products Offered:

  • Polyurethane Prepolymers

  • Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents

  • Polyurethane Dispersions

  • Oxazolidines


Unican Inc., a subsidiary of Envases Universales opened a stat of the art, fully automated container production plant in Fremont, Ohio in October 2013.

Products Offered:

  • Steel Pails Steel Pails (UN Certified and Non-regulated) Open Head and Tight Head (2.5-7.5 Gallon)
  • Covers with a variety of fitments
  • Tinplate – from 0.5 Pint to 1 Gallon


Letica Corporation
Letica is a multi-faceted packaging company with diverse talent and technologies to support your business.

Products Offered:

  • Rigid Packaging from 6oz to 7 gallon 
  • UN Certified containers and covers
  • Colored Printing
  • Covers with a wide variety of fitments


Bway is a leading manufacturer of tinplate and rigid plastic packaging.

Products Offered:

  • Tinplate (Oblong, Cone-top, Pour-top, Mono-top, F-Style & Paint Can)
  • Plastic Pails (UN Certified and Non-regulated) Open-Head (1-7 Gallon) Tight-Head (3.5-5 Gallon)


Produces a comprehensive selection of drum and pail liners, covers and strainers. Their innovative packaging includes Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) liners, bag-in-box, and flexible packaging.

Products Offered:

  • Drum/Pail Liners
  • Dust Covers
  • Pail Saver Cradles, Lids and Trays
  • EZ-Strainer Inserts



Patcham prides itself on efficient customer and technical service, while focusing on the development and manufacturing of high quality specialty additives. Patcham aims to be a leader in the industrial chemicals industry by providing the highest quality products that exceed customer expectations and minimizing environmental impact.

Products Offered:

  • Coalescing

  • Dispersing Agents

  • Driers

  • Flow, Leveling & Slip Agents

W.A. Cleary
A producer of food grade and industrial release agents.

Products Offered:

  • Soy Lecithin

  • Mineral Oil


Hydrite Chemical Co.
An integrated manufacturer and supplier of foam control technology for both industrial an food processing.

Products Offered:

  • Inks & Graphic Arts

  • Paint & Coatings

  • Construction

  • Emulsion Polymers

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Wastewater

  • Adhesives & Glues

  • Food Processing


Produces an extensive line of metallic stearates for coatings and plastics.

Products Offered:

  • Aluminum Stearate

  • Calcium Stearate

  • Zinc Stearate


Incozol® additives bring exceptional levels of performance to polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. 

Products Offered:

  • Oxazolidines



The world's largest producer of titanium dioxide.

Products Offered:

  • Titanium Dioxide (rutile)


 Cardinal Color
Manufactures high quality pigment dispersions

Products Offered:

  • Alkyd, High Concentration Solvent,

  • Aqueous, Water Borne Fluorescent

  • Zero VOC, High Strength-Low VOC

  • Hydroxy Functional unsaturated polyester

  • Unmodified Bis A epoxy dispersion


Spectra Colors Corp.
A respected manufacturer of high quality dyes.

Products Offered:

  • Liquid Dyes

  • Spectra Rinse dyes, washable dyes


Alabama Pigments Company
A processor of natural iron oxides and an importer of synthetic iron oxides.

  • Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides


Part of the Horsehead Corporation, is the largest producer of high quality French Process zinc oxide in North America.

  • Zinc Oxide


Extender Pigments

Imi Fabi
An international processor of magnesium silicate (talc).

Products Offered:

  • Treated and untreaded grades of high brightness, fine particle size talcs

  • Talc (Ultrafine-Coatings & Plastics)


Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC
Manufactures a full line of minerals, clays, and chemicals.

Products Offered:

  • Talc

  • Pyrophyllite

  • Wollastonite (Treated and Untreated)

  • Air-floated Clay